Daniel Laoun, B.Com., RO - Director

Georges et Phina are my wonderful parents.  My father became the first licensed optician in Egypt in 1948, and has strived to be the first in many things all throughout his career as an optician.

As a young(er) man, I never imagined following in his footsteps, but it was hard not to become infected by his passion for everything optical.  After 15 years of working alongside him in his optical dispensaries, doing everything from lab work, selling, and managing, a new project  was born in 1995, Georges et Phina portent des lunettes (translation: Georges et Phina wear glasses).

My journey as Director has been rich in knowledge and relationships, teaching me the importance of integrity and seeking the wellbeing of others above and beyond any single action.  I love what I do, and my greatest satisfaction is having a positive impact on the people I encounter every day, my colleagues at work, and our customers.  

At Georges et Phina, we offer more than just beautifully crafted frames; we seek to enhance and enrich the lives of each one of our customers through meaningful encounters focused on improving their sales and provide a more fulfilling career. Selling frames has become a means to achieving that objective.

I look forward to having the opportunity to meet and serve each one of you.

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