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MunicEyeWear was founded 20 years ago to create modern eyewear that would accessorize today's look. The credo is "in synch with fashion". Eyeglasses should fit as perfectly as shoes, a handbag and a belt fit an outfit.

The strength of this brand is in the variety it offers - MunicEyeWear offers various design-concepts to the various fashion-trends and their target groups. From very fine to broad-rimmed frames in acetate, stainless steel or titanium. Just a casual, simple, precious design. In addition to the styles RETRO, VINTAGE and SIMPLICITY, there is the innovative design concept with a simple but brilliant idea: TwinStyle.

In the time of careless mass production, people seek handmade feels and dedicated finishing. This attention to details inherent in all MunicEyeWear frames, receives international recognition. MunicEyeWear was awarded with the TwinStyle model 835 with "Eyewear of the Year 2011" in Tokyo.