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Glossi introduces a whole new “dimension” to eyewear with emphasis on bright and vibrant colors to light up your life. Glossi is made of strong, flexible translucent plastic polymers that is glossy, light weight, durable and comfortable to wear.

The frame front is hand-stitched to the top bar of a different color using nylon string. This dual color combination creates a third visual dimension to the eyewear with unique see-through overlapping color effects at the top bar.

Glossi is a fun, fashionable eyewear that will appeal to the young at heart. Fun is also seen in its orange and white color point-of-purchase display pieces with grooves that can be used to construct endless possible combination of display stands.

Grab the attention of other people! The glossiness of the eyewear is the reflection of happy faces. Happiness is contagious, spreading among people and causing them to be happy! Put on a Glossi eyewear and See the fun!